Technolink supports DK Group’s purchase of GE Doors

When looking to purchase any business, due diligence is an essential prerequisite. But whilst the financial health of the company is important in evaluating its worth, you also need to understand the market the company operates in and how it creates value for its customers. This is an exercise we recently undertook for our client, DK Group Investments (DK Group), prior to its successful acquisition of GE Door Solutions (GE Doors).

A long-term client of Technolink, DK Group is a family owned business that has been trading since the early 1980s with activities across a range of industrial sectors. In recent years, it has continued to develop its portfolio of activities through further investment and acquisitions. Its aim is to create a group of entrepreneurial, empowered businesses that operate independently within a clear reporting structure and a strong corporate governance framework.

GE Doors was considered an ideal business to complement DK Group’s existing portfolio. Based in South Wales, the company had established itself as a leading player in the manufacture of commercial doorsets with an annual turnover in excess of £8m. DK Group felt the company would benefit from the long term investment perspective of a family-owned company to grow the business.

In preparation for its purchase, DK Group wanted a greater understanding of the potential commercial viability of GE Doors.

Kevin Higginson, Managing Director of DK Group, commented:Technolink provided us with a very valuable piece of commercial due diligence during our acquisition of GE Door Solutions. Their detailed research work helped us to understand the competitive landscape and the sector trading environment in much more detail, including how the company fitted into this.”

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