New Products and Technologies

Technolink deliver significant growth opportunities to our clients through the identification of new products, services and technologies that complement and enhance our client’s offering.

We have developed an international network of contacts in industry, academia and government organisations that enable us to search effectively for opportunities that match our client’s needs.

Benefits of accessing this type of market ready innovation is that it can improve sales and profit margins through accelerated product development with considerably less investment and risk that is required by a “go it alone” process.

The result of a collaboration is often in the form of an agreement to:

  • Manufacturing under License

  • Knowledge Transfer Process

  • Joint Venture

  • Purchasing Collaboration

  • Sales / Distributor Agreement

As a result of such projects our clients also derive additional benefits such as:

  • Competitive and Market intelligence

  • An alternative route to product development when skilled employees are difficult to recruit

  • Membership of cluster groups and alliances that can better react and solve external problems

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