Case Study 1

Engaged by the Birmingham Wholesale and Fresh Produce Association trading from the largest integrated wholesale fresh produce market in the UK to find a solution to the challenge of the local city council demanding they re-locate. We have negotiated a solution that will enable our clients to move to a purpose built market only several miles from their current location which is designed to their specification. The multi –million pound development is funded by the city council and the council have also offered multi-million pound voluntary support towards re-location costs.  This outcome which has taken several years to move forward is a result of Technolink

  • Working with legal and property teams to deliver a solution not a problem
  • Mount a multi-media press campaign in support of the tenants
  • Engaging with Local and National politicians
  • Producing an economic analysis demonstrating the social and financial impact of market closure
  • Creating a constructive relationship with all stakeholders that aims to deliver a win win solution
  • Reducing operating costs of current location by some £500k over 2 year period

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