Access to Finance and Grants

There has never been a better time for companies to benefit from a myriad of grants available from local and national government as well as a wide range of practical support for innovation and improved productivity available from academic institutions.

Despite this support, there is still a lack of knowledge amongst companies on what support is available, and even when they are aware, the perceived effort required and mountain of paperwork that is associated with such applications puts many businesses off the process

Technolink address this barrier by delivering successful applications for support to their clients that maximise the benefit whilst minimising the client involvement.

We are able to achieve this by;

  • Maintaining a thorough and up to date database of all available grants and support.
  • A strong reputation with grant providers as a deliverer of quality applications.
  • Ongoing direct relationships with grants providers whereby we are kept fully informed of any new schemes or changes to existing offers.
  • A clear understanding of the requirements and processes of the grant authority and how our client`s needs can be matched to them.

Our typical approach to grants and support available to a client is as follows:

  • Develop a company 3 year plan that reflects the customers growth ambitions
  • From this plan identify areas that will require investment including plant, people and processes.
  • Identify and discuss with client available grant support, criteria for selection and application process
  • If application for support agreed project manage the process to the extent client requires
  • Support the implementation of the grant to the extent the client requires
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