About Technolink

Discover, Discuss, Decide and DO

Founded in 1983, Technolink is a unique business development partner that has delivered significant commercial success to a wide range of clients.

We work with our clients to understand their growth aspirations and develop and support the implementation of a growth plan to meet their long term objectives.

Growth opportunities for a business can be derived from numerous sources and Technolink have extensive experience in working with companies from both an advisory role to a fully outsourced service. Typical areas we work with for a client are as follows:

  • Identifying and developing relationships with collaborative, strategic business partners

  • Working with knowledge networks such as universities, European networks, government agencies and global business organisations to support our clients technological and international development

  • Through deep sector knowledge, targeted research and on-going monitoring systems, we are able to identify acquisition opportunities and source competitive intelligence to enable our clients to always remain one step ahead of the competition

  • Growth often requires finance. Technolink have a wealth of experience in the financial sector to call upon and are able to not only source both equity and debt finance for our clients, but to ensure that the company is prepared for investment.

  • We also work closely with grant agencies to ensure that where possible, company expenditure for growth is supported both financially with funding through both the EU and UK governments. Our experience and deep knowledge of this area enables us to identify the appropriate grant for a company and take the form filling and administration away from the company enabling them to concentrate on their business.

  • For a company to grow, management and staff need to work together in a coherent and unified manner to achieve the full potential of the business. Technolink have many years’ hands on experience in leadership and management of businesses from start-ups to PLC. This experience allows us to mentor, coach and train at all levels within a company.

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