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Technolink (UK) - 'Ideas that convince, Solutions that work'. Technolink (UK) is a unique business development partner that has for a number of years delivered considerable commercial success to a wide range of clients. Technolink (UK) does not promote the latest management fad, but through collaboration with our clients, we identify and deliver opportunities for profit growth.
bullet This success is delivered by the Technolink (UK) team that has the experience, know how and specialist expertise to enable its clients to recognise and unlock the full potential of their assets.

In a rapidly changing business climate there are few certainties anymore, but there are some principles which Technolink (UK) have identified as the key foundations of contemporary corporate success.

bulletKnowledge and Intelligence are the drivers of growth
bulletCollaboration Multiplies Business Opportunity
bulletAn adaptable and agile mindset to facilitate successful implementation

These principles have been recognised and exploited by the worlds leading corporations, but it is actually the smaller businesses that have the most to gain from these changes. However, with limited time and resources they often find it difficult to exploit their potential advantage and this is where Technolink (UK) can drive their business forward.

Technolink (UK) - 'A Catalyst for Growth through Partnership'
By offering a fresh and immediate impact resource we can help our clients to:

“Cross the Chasm from Local to Global.”

The Technolink (UK) approach offers its clients a three fold process of service delivery:

bulletKnowledge Management
bulletCompetitive Intelligence
bulletPartnership & Collaboration Sourcing
Featured Case Studies

Challenge - To re-focus a UK subsidiary from group sub contractor to product driven, profit centre.


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